How do I correct a name mistake on an Air Europa flight ticket?

Air Europa is a famous and third largest air carrier in Spain. It allows both domestic and international flights from Madrid-Bajaras Airport. Usually, sometimes while booking flight tickets, passengers make mistakes in their name, which cause problems during travel. If fliers want any modification in their name, they should have complete information about Air Europa name correction procedures for a seamless journey. However, rectification in name can be possible via an online process, by Phone, or by a physical visit to the nearest active Airport.

Use an online process to change travelers name at Air Europa:

Online is the feasible and adaptable method nowadays because it can be accessed from any concern of the world. However, if travelers have good internet access, they can make a partial name change. Also, some following steps are essential when it comes to a successful name change at Air Europa.

  • Travelers can go to the Air Europa standard website or its associated app.
  • Now, they should click on "Manage Your Reservation" from the top of the menu bar.
  • Fliers should fill in some essential flight details like ticket number and their last name to see flight details.
  • Once the flight details are open, they can go with modification or change options.
  • Fliers can click on the name correction/change options and correct some letters as per their desire.
  • Finally, passengers must pay some applicable processing fees for name correction and also submit valid ID proof as supportive documents for successful changes.
  • They will also receive an email from Air Europa for successful name changes.

Use the Phone to correct name at Air Europa:

When travelers cannot proceed with the online method due to limited knowledge about web access, they can choose the Phone as another option. Fliers can contact Air Europa customer executives at 0810 122 4546/ 1 (844) 415-3955 and ask for Air Europa name change assistance from the available agents on call. The dedicated agents will assist with name-correcting or suggest the best method to overcome such problems.

At last, passengers must submit their ID proof as documents along with process fees to the Airlines as directed by the Air Europa representatives.

Make an Airport physical visit for a name change on Air Europa flight tickets:

When travelers cannot proceed both online and by Phone due to any reason, they can make physical visits to the earnest Airport, which allows Air Europa. Travelers should also ask for name correction from the Airport helpdesk executives. However, trained agents will help passengers regarding their names after verifying their valid documents. They should also submit name change fees at the Airport.

How do I change my information on Air Europa?

Fliers often ask questions like how they can change their information while using Air Europa flights. Mainly, travelers make any modification to their confirmed fight tickets only when there is any plan change, or they already made mistakes while booking. However, passengers can make any changes online very quickly, especially prior to 24 hours of actual plane take off.

Changes that can be possible at Air Europa are flight scheduled modification, name correction, cancellation, and seat upgrade. For making any successful changes to Air Europa's confirmed flight tickets, travelers should take the help of either its official website or customer support services.

How Long Does It Take for Air Europa to Update Your Name?

Usually, when fliers correct their misspelled name online and submit their documents, it will update soon, and travelers will also receive confirmation for successful name correction on the registered email. However, during the busy hours at Air Europa, it may take 2 to 3 hours for a successful name change.

Air Europa Name Correction Policy

It is essential for all interested travelers to know all the rules and regulations that decide name correction. Also, some following points show Air Europa's name correction policy in detail, and fliers should remember it while making any name rectification.

  • Air Europa does not allow any passengers to complete a name change with a different identity. However, the mentioned Airways permit passengers for some corrections in their name or rectification. 
  • Travelers making any rectification in their name within 24 hours of reservation is free of cost. Otherwise, after 24 hours of confirmed reservations, name correction will be based on some processing fees, which depend on the number of letters.
  • All name correction at Air Europa is possible only before 24 hours of scheduled departure via online or Phone process. Passengers can still make any correction in their flight ticket name up to 2 to 3 hours before departure from the Airport visit.
  • Any ladies travelers who got married or divorced due to any specific reasons must submit valid documents like a marriage certificate or divorce proofs.
  • Moreover, travelers can remove errors that cause misspellings in their names; they can correct some letters in the first, middle, and last names as per the requirement.
  • Fliers can also omit any extra names but cannot remove or change them entirely as per the Air Europa policy.
  • When the name change is completed, travelers should carry the same original documents at the Airport during screening so that the airport security personnel can verify it.
  • If travelers do not correct their name before the trip, it may be possible they may suffer a lot at the time of security check-in.
  • Passengers will mismatched names will be investigated further by Airport security, which may take additional time, and they can even miss their flights. 

How much does changing a passenger's name on an Air Europa flight cost?

Basically, Air-Europa deals in non-transferable air tickets. Standard Airlines issues flight tickets to any particular passenger which cannot be transferred. However, eminent Airlines allow the option of name correction with some processing fees at least 2 hours before departure. Usually, while making rectifications in flight tickets, Air Europa's name correction cost may vary from approximately $50 to $ 120 per passenger on all routes and classes.

What happens if I book a flight with the wrong name?

Usually, passengers have queries about what will happen if they mistakenly booked their flight tickets with the wrong name. As per Air Europa's strict policy, it does not allow the ticket holder to change their name entirely. However, some typo errors can be managed with name correction fees.

So, when travelers want to use flight services at Air Europa, they will be denied boarding at the Airport during security check-in.

Thus, all crucial details regarding the Air Europa name correction process, policies, and cost are correct. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you change the name on the Air Europa flight?

While making the reservation with Air Europa Airlines, if you entered the wrong spelling of your name and you need to change the name, then you must have complete information regarding the process. Air Europa Airlines provides different ways through which you can change your name. You can also contact the executive to get the full details about the process.

Can we change the name on the flight ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on the Air Europa Airlines flight ticket. Numerous ways for it are mentioned below. You can change the name of Air Europa Airlines by using the online medium. It is one of the swift ways. You need to connect on the manage my booking option. Then, fill out the reservation code and the last name of the passenger in the given boxes and select the continue option. You will get the details of all the flights, and you need to pick the ticket according to your requirements. Once you complete the procedure, you will get a confirmation note on your email or mobile phone.

How do I contact Air Europa customer service?

You can contact the customer service spokesperson by using the calling process. You need to dial the number at 011 34 871 20 30 89, and your call will be forwarded to the computerized voice. It will assist you with the steps you need to follow. After you obey all the instructions, your call will be routed to the customer service agent, who will guide you through the name change process, method, rules, and regulations.

Can you change Air Europa flights?

Yes, you change your name, but before that, you must have the information about the policies. If you change the name within one day of the booking, then you can change it. After 24-hour you need to pay an air europa name change fee, which will depend on the traveling distance.

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