Privacy Policy

Sohafares has provided this privacy policy to ensure the travelers/customers/ users that their information is safe with us. We value the trust you showed in us, and we are committed to securing your information. This privacy policy will provide all the answers for where we use your information, the process, and how we ensure your complete personal information is being misused.

This Privacy Policy also includes a description of what platform we use to collect your information. You will also learn about how we access and share your information with third parties if required. Once you agree with our privacy policies, you can book a trip with us easily. Please read the privacy policy completely to know the use of your information by us.

Who is a Data Protection Officer, and what is his role in Privacy Policy?

A Data Protection Officer has a key role in protecting your data. Every organization has one officer that handles all the data and provides appropriate guidelines regarding its uses. If you are providing any information to the site, the Data Protection Officer will look after it. The officer is available all the time to resolve our queries regarding our Privacy Policy.

The reason behind collecting the personal data at Sohafares

There can be various reasons why we want your personal data. We have listed some reasons below to provide you a broader idea about using your private information

(1) For booking purposes

If you are willing to help plan your trips, we need your personal information to initiate the process. Whenever you start or complete a purchase, you are required to provide personal details like your name, contact number, email, etc.

(2) For user account

Whenever you wish to make some new booking using our assistance, you need to make an account on our website. You need to provide the required information that is used by our website. The data you have provided us will be used at the time of new bookings, managing the bookings, etc. you can check the terms and conditions of our website to know more about our services and Privacy Policy.

Sohafares also offers our other services based on the plan you have chosen. Your personal information is used in the process so that our travel agents can contact you easily and provide you with the desired services. We believe in transparency, and that's why you have the right to all the questions regarding your trip.

(4) To communicate with you.

If you are planning to take our services, it becomes important for us to communicate with you. Communication helps us to know your requirements in a better way. That's why we use your contact information to get in touch with you. Here are some reasons that make us use your contact information:

  • Whenever you make an account on Sohafares, we get notified of your entry. That leads us to call you to help with the booking or reservation process.
  • The contact information helps us reach you when there are some changes in the plan that you need to notify us of.
  • We like to save the data for future references to improve our overall excellence and save you some time.
  • To send you alerts and notifications about your trip and the deadlines.
(5) For marketing purposes

We may use your information for marketing purposes without risking your privacy, such as:

  • To show you the customized offers provided on our websites, app, or third-party platforms like social media handles. We use your information to reach you directly to provide you with better services.
  • We send you updated information so that you don't miss any chance to get important deals and offers.
  • You can get many intriguing offers on third-party websites, so we like to use the information to make individualized plans for you.

If you don't want to get messages from our website, you can unsubscribe from the email marketing alerts anytime you want.

(6) For your feedback

For your feedback, We need your feedback to improve our services for the future. That's why we use your information to send invitations for reviews and feedback on the trip you booked with us.

(7) For legal purposes

We may use your data to deal with some legal issues in specific cases. The legal cases include any regulatory investigations, to implement our terms, or to follow lawful requests. We can also use the call recordings in case of some major issues that can hamper the company.

What type of personal information and data do we collect?

The personal data we collect can be of various types. You can check about it in the following points.

(a) Information provided by you to us
  • We take your billing information, such as your credit card number, cardholder name, etc., that you may use again in the future.
  • Any kind of security password that you have saved on your website and will use in the future.
  • Personal data is your contact details (including your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth) that you provide us for making the reservations. The data is also saved when creating the account, subscribing to our marketing emails, or submitting any kind of inquiry to us.

We do not share your contact details with any third parties for business purposes until you permit them. Please remember that your email address is your personal or identifying data.

(b) Information that we collect automatically when you use our services

Whenever you visit our website, we record your preferred device that you used to check the website. We note the device name, browser type, IP address, Internet Service Providers, date and time of visit and request, etc., every time you visit the website using the same device. Your data will be connected with the previous record that can save your time and efforts.

If you accept the cookies of our website, a portion of this data may be gathered in the process. You can check the Cookies policies to know more about it.

(c) Information we take from the third parties

We get your personal data from third-party sources and business partners on a legal basis. We use this information to check the site traffic, offer you social media regarding services, and improve services and qualities.

Your personal information like your name, phone number, and email address helps us to identify the fraud if any. In case of malicious activity from your end, we share the information with the third parties and the payment service providers to investigate the matter. We also check the illegal activities using the information not to harm your privacy and data. Whenever you make an account on Sohafares using your social media platforms, we may use that account's data. The information or data can include your name, email address, gender, date of birth, profile picture, and other data that you have allowed us to use.

To what authorities do we share your personal data, and who will be the recipients?

We need to share your personal data with these parties in some special circumstances. Such third parties are:

Travel accomplices

Whenever you plan a trip, you need a mode of transport to reach there. And hence, we need to share your personal information with the airlines that will issue your tickets. The third parties will work as self-sufficient information regulators that may reach you to get other essential data depending on their privacy policy.

Third-party service providers

The third-party service providers can be our customer support, IT group, payment and financial service providers, fraud detectors and analytics, etc. You may check and use your data on our behalf and use it in our guidance. Third parties are not allowed to share their data in any circumstances without your permission. But they may need to complete the formalities for your bookings and travel plans made with us.

Law authorities

We need to disclose the individual data or information when there is some legal requirement. Your personal information will be shared in the cases of critical situations or fundamental for avoiding, identifying, or indicting criminal demonstrations and misrepresentation. We may reveal your personal information to some experts that will look after your data and guard it against outside sources, including some third parties.

Business partners

We need to share the specific information you give us, such as name, email address, date of birth, payment details, and other relevant data, with the business partners for fundamental client assistance support. As our business partners hold a portion of our websites, they may utilize your provided information to settle and deal with the help regarding your trip and bookings.

What steps do we take to protect your personal data?

We know how much trust it takes to provide important information to us. That's why we try to put all the effort into protecting your data from being misused. We execute some specific strategies to secure your data and information with some special tools currently available in the market. We use every method and technology from the firewall to SSL certification to protect the information provided by our users.

We always ask you to accept the terms and conditions, including the privacy policy, so that you know where you are providing your information. Sometimes you need to accept the policies to complete the procedure of bookings and travel plans. In such cases, if you find anything different with your data or feel that the security has been compromised, you can contact us immediately. The customer service team of Sohafares will help you with any genuine or associated unapproved use with your data or any security matter.

How can you get access and control over the personal data you have provided to us?

We make sure that you have access and control to all the information you have provided to us. We always try to give you the control to know how we are using your data. You can use the following ways to keep the check on us with your personal information:

Access and manage information:

you need to get to the Account Settings option from the homepage of our website. There you can update and access the information that we are using. You can also contact the customer support team of Sohafares to know and manage the information.

Data portability:

You can request the duplicates of the information you have provided to us in an organized and comprehensive format.

Data Erasing:

You can also request us to erase your data. However, we may not be able to delete it because the information is fundamental for the agreement between Sohafares and us. We can assure you that we will delete the data as soon as we can eradicate it. For more information, you can consult our customer service team.

Amendment of your data:

You hold the right to request us to make any amendments to your individual information.

Taking back the permissions:

If you feel that your information is in some danger, you can pull out the permissions you have provided to our website. Until you withdraw the consent, the website will continue to work on the granted permissions as before, and there will be no changes with the legitimacy of the information.

These are the methods you can use to control and access your personal information being used on our website.

Sohafares, ensure that your trust in us remains the same. That's why we keep updating the Privacy Policy and always advise the customers to read it before accepting. If you don't understand some points in our Privacy Policy, you can directly contact us using a contact number, email, or social media platform. The customer support team of Sohafares ever leaves a chance to resolve your queries and build up a trustworthy agreement.

Disclaimer: Sohafares makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of information and data on this website. Hence, when you use and take valid details of this website implies agreeing to the contents of this disclaimer. You must check the actual cost of the booking, and the official booking website of Sohafares will approve your reservation. It recommends you pay the whole amount reflected on the booking page. You might get deals and offers as per the government's announcement at the time of booking. You must accept the cookies before accessing the website and provide your essential details to make all the services smoother every time you access this.