Terms and conditions

Access to this platform

All the clients can reach this website whenever they get to it or plan to use it in some other way. Then make it certain that you have gone through the terms and the conditions. Sohafares will give you the best solution and help so that you can quickly complete your booking. By only going through the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to avoid any confusion with the use of this website.

Multiple users would need to make sure that they are under the eligible age. In that manner, they’ll be able to use the website without any issue. With the use of this website, you can also have fantastic security and services. The user is going to be responsible for protecting the password which is given by the Sohafares.

You can always go through this platform and only for the utilisation of the user. Sohafares is going to assist the user whenever he is going to needs assistance. However, you would need to make sure that you adhere to the terms and conditions of the website.

The users would need to make sure that they don’t resell any of the services. In that manner, Sohafares will have the right to stop the access of that particular user to the website. Reselling any of the services will be considered as against the terms and conditions of the website.

How does it work?

In case you want to know how Sohafare works, then you would need to go through the information which is given below:

Sohafares basically performs the search and comparison of different travel cooperations. In that manner, you’ll be able to get the best service. If you buy any benefit from this platform, then it would mean that you have made Sohafares buy a service from a third party. Hence, any purchase from this platform will make you get into two agreements. The first agreement would be the Travel suppliers linking, and the other would be the Sohafares relating to the intervention service. So the Sohafares are going to work as an agent or executives for you. That means it will provide you with the best service possible. However, at the same time, you’re not going to get into any agreement with the Sohafares. You will be getting the benefit of the best travel suppliers. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best service.

You can use the Sohafare platform to become your agent. Once you have done that, then you won’t need any external help. The platform of Sohafares will contain external links for you. It’ll make sure that you get to the third party travel services with the help of those links. In that manner, you’ll not face any issue in connecting with a third party. Consequently, you would also need to accept the terms and conditions.

In case we find you committing any fraud. Then we have the right to cancel your flight ticket. For example - the payment method you have used is not legal, or in case you’re not the owner of such a kind of payment method. You only need to make sure that you have followed the correct legal path. Suppose any of the circumstances mentioned above arrive. Then we will contact you at your registered email address or the phone provided by you. There is undoubtedly an excellent facility for getting your ticket cancelled automatically. You can utilize that facility in case you cannot be contacted.

Suppose you have sent a special request, which can be related to a specific meal, or of being physically disabled, or any other kind of request. Then your request is going to be transferred by the Sohafares to the travel support team. You’ll get a response to your account in a short period. That means, if you have made an unusual request, then it will cause some delay in your purchase. However, you’ll be able to get the information in a short time from your travel support team. By making the above statements, Sohafares informs you that it is not certain that your special request is going to be available or not. So, make sure that you are careful, you make any special request with us.

Purchase and conditions:

Before you make any purchase from the Sohafares, it is very essential to know the conditions. So, that you’re aware of each and every need which is tied to the purchase.

Changes and the cancellation made

If you’re purchasing any ticket, you would need to make sure that you stick to the terms and conditions of the purchase. After that, you’re not going to face any issues. Sohafares will help you to check if your purchase allows you to make any undoing or not. In case you’re permitted to make the changes. Then Sohafares will help you in making the changes. Once your purchase is confirmed, then the intervention and the administration given is going to be considered as executed. In this manner, you’ll not be allowed to withdraw from your purchase. That means you’ll not be able to utilize your withdrawal rights. That means you must be aware of the terms and the conditions so that you’ll be able to make all of your doubts clear.

Prices and the methods of payment

Once you have made the selection of the corresponding services, then you’ll be able to get the information of the total price of the order. After that you’ll not face any issue. Your total fare is going to include the travel services which you will be getting in the purchase, including the services which are optional, and also the Sohafares service fees. All these fees are going to be non-refundable. That means if you cancel your booking, then you’ll not receive the refund of the above-mentioned fees.

Your services expenses are going to differ. It would depend on the items you have selected, different variables and the channel utilized if you were not able to complete your request because of the invalid request you made. Then you will be charged by the Sohafares an extra help expense of upto $60. After that, you’ll be provided with the right directions to make your instalments request viable. In case you have made a full payment, then the additional charges will be discounted. That would be deducted from your all-out cost. You will not be able to get hold of any of the administration you’re looking for until you have not made the full payment. In case you come across any issue related to your instalments. In that situation, Sohafare will reach you within 48 hours. After that, you’ll get the refund, and you’ll get the assistance you were looking for.

In case you’re done with the booking process. However, you’re looking forward to adding one more flight to your booking. Then you would need to pay an extra amount to the Soha Purchase. However, you can do that only by using the Sohafare payment method. Because the payment method of any other platform will not be accepted, make sure that you have the valid information of the payment gate, which you’re going to use with our executive. Our executive will be available to assist you at any time which is convenient for you. In that manner, you’re not going to face any issues.

Health requirements, passport and Visas

With the help of the crucial international centre, you’ll be able to check specifically, about the identification and the visa necessities, much before time if you don’t have the correct travel reports and the authorizations. Then you cannot depend on the Sohafares, travel reports or assignments. It is compulsory to use a valid password that you have to share with the travel support advisor. He will be providing you with the accurate information that will make your travel successful in the right way.


With the help of the E-tickets, you’ll be able to plan your flight journey, without any delay. These are certainly going to differ upon the traveller’s identification. You would need to make sure that you have this data before you arrange for the tour. In case you have booked an event, and you have not attended it, then, in that case, Sohafare is not going to be responsible for it. If you’re flying with a minor and looking for a minor discount, you would need to show the birth certificate.

Sohafare comprehends that the data provided by you should be authentic and correct. If you change your email or the registered phone number, it is essential to make sure that you have been informed about it to the Sohafares.

There can be some extraordinary situations where the Soha fares will not deal with your tickets. If your problem arises, then the Sohafares will make sure that you will be advised within 48 hours, and you get the discount you deserve.

• Refunds

If you have cancelled your flight online, you’ll be eligible to get the refund according to the policy of the Travel supplier. Refunds are entirely dependent on the policy of the travel supplier. In case you are qualified to be discounted by such policies. Then your account will be handled by a similar strategy pay. The discount amount you’re going to receive will not be equal to the sum you paid.

In case you have come across a non-refundable and unchangeable flight. But you’re not able to use it. Then, in that case, you’ll get the guarantee of the discounts of some air terminal assessments. Twelve years is the cut off time for mentioning the deal of the air terminal charges.

• Travel insurance

Sohafares asks you to get movement protection for your movement. That means, suppose you choose to buy a travel protection strategy on the Sohafares website. In that situation, you’ll go through the two separate arrangements. First, you and your insurer are going to be identified as the stock movement protection. Second, you and the Sohafares are going to be identified with the intercession administration. You will have the right to approach the protection strategy before you get limited by the agreement.

Intellectual Property rights

You can utilize all the brand names of the Sohafares platform. Like the brand names, messages, illustrations, logos, button symbols, programming, and many other features, by the Sohafare or the substance suppliers.

It is protected by innovation laws. All the products utilized on this platform or with their suppliers are protected under international and domestic laws.

If you want to utilize any other kind of substance on this platform, that is entirely disallowed by Sohafare. You need to make it certain that you have adhered to the terms and conditions before utilising any sense from this website. In the same manner, you’re not allowed to use the picture available on this platform outside this particular platform. In case you still want to, you would need to get the express permission of the Sohafares.

You’re going to have the different names of the items, administrations, logos of the Sohafares. You will be able to get the terms of the other features, like the services and the organisations referenced in this report, maybe be the enrolled brand names of their particular proprietors.

Other applicable terms and conditions:

To avoid any further doubts, it is necessary to know further some other terms and conditions too:

Any complaint and the query regarding your order:

In case you have a query which is related to the services or the booking. And you’re looking forward to clearing your doubt or your question before your departure. In that situation, you can call up the official number of the customer support team of the department. Once you have done that, then you will be able to get the proper assistance. In that manner, your doubt will be cleared by customer support in a short time. On the other side, you’re also going to have the chance to make a complaint if your query is not resolved.

Changes to the terms and the conditions:

Sohafares will help you in rebuilding and renewing the terms and the conditions, at any moment, without any earlier notification. The present form of the terms and the states will be displayed on the platform when you discuss the changes that come into power.

Applicable Law:

Each type of terms and conditions will be formed and even governed under US laws.

Annexure 1. Clear information for the flight booking:

A genuine contract of carriage must be formed to support you to set up between the airline and the customer logically and adequately. That is going to be subject to the airline terms and conditions. SohaFares is here to help you so that you’ll be able to get the best flight for yourself. Without any issue. So, make sure that your responsibility goes through the terms and the conditions of the airline. Once that has been done, then you will not face any issue in booking your flight or even cancelling it.

In case you have taken any additional services. Then you would need to pay the additional charges. The main reason behind it is that these services are not included in your general services. So, you would need to pay an extra cost for it. After that, you will be able to make the booking. In case your flight comes across more than one route. Then each course is going to be subject to the conditions related to that particular router. In case the streets are operated by the same aircraft. That is one in international and the other in domestic. Then the regulations are going to be different from obeying strictly.

You can go through the imperative rules which are required to check:

  • One hundred twenty minutes before the departure time is the fixed minimum check-in time for international flights. In case you’re travelling with a domestic flight, then you’re supposed to be in the queue for check-in within 90 minutes from the departure time of the flight because there are some airlines and airports, which take a lot of time.
  • In case you have a ticket to return, which you have reconfirmed with the airline. Then your flight booking has to be at least 72 hours before the departure time of the flight. In case you have not reconfirmed your return ticket or maybe your route. Then there is a possibility. Then your flight can be cancelled.
  • At these stopovers, you must show your Visa whenever you’re stopped at such stopovers.
  • In case you’re travelling with a lady who is pregnant, then it is essential that you go through the specific policy regarding this particular situation.
  • In case you’re travelling with your child. Then you’re suggested to go through the suitable policy regarding that. Make sure that you are carrying the birth proof of your child. So, you can go through the age confirmation process.
  • You will be allowed to carry your child on the aeroplane, only if at least six weeks old. If you are travelling with an infant, you can either purchase a seat for him or make him sit on your lap. However, if you’re travelling with more than one infant, you need to buy a chair. That will be mandatory for you.
  • The airline will provide you with special assistance if the minors are between 5 and twelve.
  • Those passengers who are between the ages of 12 and 17 years will be required to pay for the additional services of the airline. You must request those services before booking the flight.
  • Suppose your details do not match with the information which is mentioned on your id. Then you will not be allowed to board the flight. So, make sure that you have given the correct information.
  • It is entirely your responsibility to keep a check on your details. It is also essential at the same time to scrutinize our policy outstandingly.
  • In case you come across some issue in the booking of your ticket. Then make it certain that you cancel that booking and you rebook.

Check out the one-way combinations:

If you have the special return fare, you’re eligible to have two one-way fares on the different airlines. It means that you have two separate (Outbound and inbound) bookings. Each of your bookings is going to separate dare rules. So, if you plan to cancel your flight, you will have the option of keeping the other flight. This process is undoubtedly going to help you in making any schedule changes or cancellations. In that manner, you’re not going to face any conflict with any other rules of the flight.

So, in case you’re looking forward to cancelling your flight. Then the other flight is not committed to providing you with a refund for the rest of the journey, and it will not offer you any change in itinerary. You would need to make sure that you have made the payment of some basic amount, to make sure that you get the other flight change in the essential time.

Low-cost airline flights:

If you’re planning to travel on a low-cost airline, you’re supposed to go through the basic rules of airfare. However, at the same time, it is essential to understand that if you have chosen any additional service not included in the air ticket price, then, in that case, your flight may depart from a smaller, regional or secondary airport. You can always go through the checkout airport, which will display the in-flight information before a flight ticket gets online. You can even seek help from the counter at the airport of that particular airline.

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