Cookies Policy

Apart from the privacy terms and conditions policy, this cookies policy will help you know more about our website's cookies and other technologies. Reading cookies policy, you will understand the purpose of using it on our website and how we use it. We keep on updating our cookies policy, and it may happen that you don't receive a notification. So it is advised that you keep visiting our website regularly to know about any changes. The changes affect immediately as per the last date, and if you don't read the updated cookies policy, you will be solely responsible.

What are cookies?

We use cookies and other similar technologies to make our website work smoothly and improve your overall experience. This policy will let you know how and why we use these cookies and other technologies.

A cookie is a small file stored in your device at the time you visit a website. The cookies acquire the information about your device, browser, and activity time to improve users' experience by minimizing possible errors. These cookies are either directly controlled by us or by a third party on behalf of us.

A segment of cookies used by us is eliminated when you leave the website as we don't store it during visits. Remaining cookies or saying persistent cookies help us remember you when you visit back our website. The motive is only to enable the website to remember your name, interest, language, etc. This type of cookie is stored in your device up to 24 months from when you visit the website. Besides, you can also check the expiry of these cookies yourself by using various tools.

Why does our website use cookies?

Technical cookies:

Technical cookies play a very important role in the working of our website. These cookies can neither be removed nor disabled. As these cookies are essential for presenting our services, they don't depend on any agreement as per law.

Functional cookies:

These cookies let us know if our website needs something to function properly or requires any customization. These cookies are set up by an outside service provider or by us. You must allow these cookies; else, some of its components may not work as per expectation.

Analytical cookies:

These cookies allow us to check the number of visits and traffic sources, hence assisting you in measuring and improving the appearance of our website. These cookies help us analyze which pages are most known and how visitors move through the website. If you don't allow these cookies, we won't know when you visited us.

How can you manage cookies and access cookie data?

If you want to access our cookies and data like cookies list, partner's list, etc., you can use our privacy settings under the consent management platform. You can also manage cookies or similar technology using a consent management platform. With the help of these settings, you can control the unnecessary cookies and other similar technologies used on your preferred device.

Whenever you visit the website, you see a cookies banner that says, we use cookies, and there you can accept or reject them as per your interest.

Besides, you can also reject the cookies from getting installed in your browser setting anytime. You can adjust the cookies settings in your browser and change the preferences.

You can also delete the installed cookies already stored in your device by clearing the browser history. Once you clear the history, all the cookies will also get cleared for a website in your browser.

Disclaimer: Sohafares makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of information and data on this website. Hence, when you use and take valid details of this website implies agreeing to the contents of this disclaimer. You must check the actual cost of the booking, and the official booking website of Sohafares will approve your reservation. It recommends you pay the whole amount reflected on the booking page. You might get deals and offers as per the government's announcement at the time of booking. You must accept the cookies before accessing the website and provide your essential details to make all the services smoother every time you access this.