How do I Speak to Someone at Copa?

Copa Airlines is the national Carrier of  Panama with a fleet size of 82, flying over 84 destinations.It started to operate in the year 1947 and became a 3 Star airline that has received many accolades for the quality of their customer service and products on ground and inflight.It has more than 9450 employees working for them that are always eager to serve you. They welcome various ways to contact them for their customers’ valuable feedback or queries, be it via a phone call,using email, through social media or texting.

The following are the methods to speak to someone from Copa Airlines.

Get in touch on the phone:

You can connect with Copa Airlines through Copa Airlines contact number, 18003592672 or 18025003535. Dial the number and choose from the automated voice options. To talk to a representative please select the “talk to an agent” option from the options given.

Get in touch on Email:

One of the best ways to connect with an airline is through Emailing them.It is always good to have records of your conversation so that your query can be resolved, or if you want to give feedback and like to hear back from them.Click on the envelope option to subscribe to daily offers and updates on the home page. 

What are the issues resolved by Copa Airlines customer care services?

Customer services of Copa Airlines provide information and assistance regarding several concerns. If you are wondering what all those issues are, then some of them are mentioned below:

•    Flight booking issues and problems related to group travel.
•    To seek information regarding flight status.
•    To know the process of getting a refund.
•    For flight cancellation-related problems.
•    For information regarding lost, damaged, or misplaced luggage.
•    To upgrade seats.
•    For name change or rescheduling of flight.
•    To know about miles or other travel vouchers. Etc. 

How Do I Call Copa Airlines?

If you are looking for the process to seek assistance regarding any of the above-mentioned concerns, then you can call the airline's customer care services by dialing the official Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number: 217 COPA (2672) after going through the steps given by an automated voice when the calls are connected to corresponding Copa Airlines representative who is dealing with the issue of the caller, they can give a brief description of their problem and wait to get appropriate answer or guidance to get away with the issue. 

Is It Possible To Request A Callback from Copa Airlines?

Yes, whenever a customer wants direct assistance and discovers a busy phone network, they have the option to request a callback. For this, they need to fulfill the sequential online steps given below and continue:

•    Go to the website of Copa Airlines.
•    To request a callback, you must first log in to your account, as their facility is not available for every customer.
•    Now when you reach the contact page after logging, you will find a callback link. 
•    To describe your available time and to receive a phone call, you must fill in all the details of the Copa callback form.
•    Do not forget to mention your phone number in the message space and hit the send button.
•    Your request will be noted, and you will receive a call at the described time. 

Copa Airlines Phone Number List:

The phone number list according to different regions to communicate with Copa Airlines is given below. Customers can contact Copa to get their problems resolved using corresponding numbers according to their respective regions:

•    Argentina: 0800 800 2672
•    Aruba: 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
•    Brazil: (SAC) 0800 886 2672
•    Canada: 1 647 493 5022
•    Chile: (562) 2573 9318
•    Colombia: 57 601 3209090
•    Costa Rica: (506) 4000 0478
•    Cuba: (53) 7 204 1111
•    USA: 1 786 840 COPA (2672)Mexico: (5255) 1516 3319
•    Peru: (511) 700 9098
•    Uruguay: (598) 2626 1000

What Time Does Copa Airlines Customer Service Open?

Though the timing of Copa Airlines customer care services varies according to different regions 

However, for most regions, its call facilities are available from Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 11 pm. Apart from the time mentioned above, customers can get assistance from the airlines 24/7 using the live chat alternative or by connecting over social media. 

What is Copa Airlines Manage Booking? 

Manage booking is a facility provided by Copa Airlines that can be used by customers who want to make any changes to their already booked rockets or to add additional services. Name changes, flight rescheduling, refund requests, special assistance, etc., can be done via the online manage booking option using the steps given below:

•    After opening the mobile application of Copa Airlines, go to the “My trip” section.
•    Enter the passenger’s e-ticket number and last name to find a reservation.
•    Do the required modifications and press the save button.
•    Finally, your changes will be saved on confirmation. 

Copa Airlines Customer Service Number

 You can get in touch with Copa Airlines customer service agent  through filling up their form on their help centre.Please follow the steps below to fill the form -

  1. Go to Copa Airlines Home page and click on services.
  2. Go to request a refund
  3. Click on Claims and complaints form
  4. Enter your Email address and other details
  5. Click Send to hear from them. 

Get in touch through chat:

You can get in touch with Copa Airlines customer service virtual assistant named Ana on Facebook messenger. 

Chatting is super convenient and it makes booking flights and checking in easy. Ana will guide you to book flights easily.To chat with Ana follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Copa Airlines Home page and click on “Contact Us”.
  2. Click on Ask Ana on facebook messenger.
  3. Click on virtual Assistant Ana 
  4. Type in your request and start chatting

Get in touch through social media:

You can instantly connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Follow Copa Airlines on these social media platforms and post comments or direct message them. Stay updated with the Airline using its social media platforms.They are just a click away.

  1. Connect with them on Facebook :
  2. Connect with them on Instagram :
  3. Connect with them on Twitter :

Get in touch through their mailing address:

If you want to post to Copa Airlines, please use their mailing address

You can contact Copa Airlines at the below mentioned address and they will be happy to revert as soon as possible. :

  • Copa Airlines
  • Box 0816-06819
  • Panama, Republic of Panama
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