How do I correct a misspelled name on my Delta ticket?

If, by mistake, you put the incorrect name on your Delta ticket and now look forward to correcting it, do not worry. Delta allows you to change the name online and speak to the representative. If you don't know 'How do I correct a misspelled name on my Delta ticket? Here is the process: 

  • First and Foremost, go to the Delta Airlines official web portal and log in 
  • You can also navigate to the manage booking page to retrieve details 
  • Insert the confirmation number and surname to retrieve booking details 
  • Select the ticket you want to modify, click on the 'Edit reservation' button 
  • Go to the name change options, correct your name 
  • Now you might also need to pay the name change fee; clear it if applicable 
  • Follow the prompt and make the required changes; you will soon receive a confirmation email 

In addition to the online process above, you can call Delta at 800 221 1212 and make the required changes over the phone. Besides, note that an additional administrative fee might apply when changing the booking over the phone. 

How do I change my information on Delta?

You can change your information on Delta by visiting the Manage booking page on the website and speaking to the Delta agent over the phone. How do I change my information on Delta? Check out the detailed process: 

  • Go to the Delta website and search for the manage booking section
  • Retrieve the details by providing the booking information required 
  • Select the ticket you want to change information for, click on change reservation 
  • Make the necessary changes and confirm it 
  • On the payment page, clear the fare difference and change the fee if it applies 
  • Then follow the prompt to complete the process, and you will get a confirmation email soon. 

Can you change your name on a Delta airline ticket?

Yes! It is possible to change the name on Delta Airlines tickets; however, specific terms and conditions apply. A name change can be done using the same sources you booked the ticket. Like unless you book the ticket via a website, contact center, or airport, you can visit the Manage booking section on the Delta website or speak to the Delta representative directly. Besides, Can you change your name on a Delta airline ticket? If you have a third-party booking, only a travel agent can help you. 

How Long Does It Take for Delta to Update Your Name?

Once you have changed your name, it takes around 24 hours to update it in your ticket, depending on several factors. Besides, How long does it take for Delta to update your name? If it takes longer, you can speak to the Delta team directly to know the status. 

Do you need the middle name on the Delta airline ticket?

No, it's not necessary. The name on your ticket should be the same as the name on your passport or government Id. Generally, first and last names are required; if you use a middle name, you can also insert that. Do you need the middle name on the Delta airline ticket? You can also visit the Delta official website or speak to their representative directly for more information.

Can I call Delta customer service for a name change?

Yes! You can call Delta customer service for the name change; however, additional charges might apply. If you don't know the process, here are the details: 

  • Dial the Delta Airlines customer care number 800 221 1212
  • You need to follow the IVR and talk to the Delta agent 
  • Share your name change request with the representative 
  • Provide booking details and the correct name information 
  • The delta agent will correct the name on your behalf simultaneously 
  • You can pay for all the charges applicable and follow their instructions
  • After the changes are done, you will get a confirmation email soon 

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

As per the 24-hour name change policy, you get 24 hours after booking to make changes in your name for free in some cases if departure is after seven days. However, if you fail to do it, additional charges might apply based on your changes. 

  • The Delta name change fee is around 125 $ if you request the correction within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours, the name change fee of about 275 $ applies based on several factors. 
  • You can change your name online and offline by speaking to the Delta team. However, contact the travel agency directly in case of a third-party booking. 

As per Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can correct your name up to 3 characters in first, middle, and last name; a complete name change is impossible. You must cancel the ticket and purchase the new one to change the name completely. 

What is the date change policy of Delta Airlines?

If you want to modify the date of your booked flight with Delta Airlines, then you must be aware of the conditions that are applicable. The Delta policy on changing flight dates is mentioned here:

  • The flight ticket holder must change the date prior to the takeoff time of the booked flight. 
  • The charges are applicable on flight tickets when the passenger wants to change the date of the flight.
  • A passenger who changes the flight date of their reservation within 24 hours of making the reservation will not have to pay the name change charges at Delta Airlines. 
  • In case the fare of the ticket goes higher than the existing booking at the time of the date change, then the difference amount must be paid by the passenger to complete the process.
  • The non-flexible Delta flight tickets will not be applicable for a date change under any condition. 

So, above are all the Delta change flight date policies that are helpful for you. After reading the same, you can determine if your ticket is eligible for the date change or not and request for the same. 

What is the same-day flight change fee at Delta Airlines?

If you need to change the flight on the same day as your schedule has changed, then you might want to know the Delta change flight's same-day feewhich is $75 USD. It can also differ as per the fare type and the travel destination. 

Can I change my date of birth for a Delta flight?

Yes, one can change the date of birth for their Delta flight if you put it wrong at the time of booking. If you look, how do I change my date of birth for a Delta flight? Below the different ways are listed that you can use it:

Online Method

The first option to change your mentioned date of birth on the Delta flight is to edit the same from the website, and here are the steps given that you can adhere to:

  • Go to the Delta web page in the browser,
  • Open the My Trips tab and enter the required details of the booked flight,
  • After searching for the same, you will get your itinerary on the page,
  • The "Passenger Details Edit" option must now be found,
  • The required page will load on your screen,
  • Navigate the Date of Birth column and correct the date,
  • Tap the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.
  • You might pay for the same if applied,
  • With this, your Date of Birth will be changed on your Delta flight ticket. 

Offline Method

You can also feel free to contact the customer service of Delta Airlines to request the date of birth change in the flight ticket you booked. Here are the steps that will help you on the same:

  • Place the call at 1 (800) 212-1212,
  • A Delta representative will join the call with you,
  • Then you have to ask for the Date of Birth change,
  • Now share your flight confirmation number and full name,
  • Next, state the correct date of birth,
  • You might have to pay charges if applicable,
  • And then, your date of birth will be changed successfully on your Delta flight. 

How long does it take for Delta to change its name?

If you have mentioned your name incorrectly while the process of making your flight reservation, then you can proceed with the Delta Airlines name change process, which is the service provided by the Airline to its passenger, where you can ask the agent to make certain changes and within 24 hours the agent will make the changes in your registered name as per your requirement. The Airline will grant you the new updated ticket. 

Can I correct the name on my Delta Airlines ticket?

Yes, you surely can correct your name from the Delta flight ticket, as there are quite a few ways through which you can proceed with the name changes process, as you can speak with the agent by calling on their helpline number and asking the human to make the changes or else you can make it through the website of the Airline, by choosing the name change option located.

Can I fly if my middle name is spelled wrong?

It would not cause you a problem if the spelling of your middle name is incorrect on the flight ticket, as the Airline is fine if you have a minor spelling mistake in your name; else, you can also travel without your middle name, as you may include your first name and the last name as they appear on your government id.

And if you want to make the changes in your middle name, you can proceed with the name-changing process and ask the agent to make the changes accordingly.

How much does changing a passenger's name on a flight cost?

According to the Delta name correction policy, if you have changed your name within 24 hours of your flight booking, the Airline will not charge you the name-changing fee. Still, if the changes have been made after the risk fee window, you have to pay around $50 to the Airline as a name change fee.

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