How do I correct my name on the Allegiant ticket?

Multiple times after booking Allegiant tickets, there are many travelers who discover that they end up inserting incorrect names. In those scenarios, these ticket holders often wonder how they can make changes to their filled name and make it correct. If the same situation ever crosses your path and you are looking for similar information to make name corrections on Allegiant Airlines, then you can read the important details mentioned below and make name corrections as per your requirements. Name corrections can be made by following simple online procedures or by communicating with customer services. 

What are Allegiant Air Name Change Policies?

It is very important that customers who wish to make name changes to their Allegiant Air tickets follow the important Allegiant Air name change policy, and then complete the process. All important name change policies are mentioned below: 

  • Allegiant only allows ticket holders to make minor corrections to their names. That is, they can make spelling changes only up to three characters. 
  • If any customer has purchased a flex trip and wishes to change their name within the initial 24 hours, then he is eligible to skip paying name change fees. 
  • Complete name changes are not permitted by Allegiant Airlines. 
  • In order to make changes, it is important that customers pay name change fees to the airline.
  • Allegiant allows ticket holders to rectify their name initials if incorrectly entered. 
  • In order to make changes to the name, it is required that customers handle the airline with the supporting documents. 
  • Transfer of tickets is not allowed by Allegiant Airlines. 

What are the conditions that permit customers to make name changes?

Allegiant Airlines only permits ticket holders to make name modifications under the following conditions:

  • If your name changes are due to marriage or divorce.
  • If there is any legal reason for your name change.
  • If you have mistakenly entered the incorrect spelling of your name.
  • If you wish to make changes to the title of your name. 

How much is the change fee for Allegiant?

In order to make notifications to your already purchased Allegiant Air tickets, you are supposed to pay Allegiant Air name change fees to the airlines. These fees might vary according to various factors like the time at which you request to make the name changes, your trip type, etc. 

If your reason for the name change is valid according to the terms and conditions of Allegiant Airlines, then you are supposed to pay $25-$75 for the modifications. However, customers must be prepared that this fee is subject to change according to different circumstances. 

What happens if I book an Allegiant Airlines flight with the wrong name?

There are cases that report entering incorrect names while making flight bookings on Allegiant Airlines. If you have also booked a ticket with the wrong name, then you are not eligible to change the name completely. In that case, you can only cancel your ticket and proceed with booking another flight ticket. Travelers must always take note that an allegiant transfer ticket to another person is not allowed. If you are required to make minor changes like spelling mistakes, then you can approach customer services and request them to look into your matter and complete the procedure. 

How do I correct a misspelled name on Allegiant Air?

Ticket holders of Allegiant Airlines can go through the online process to make name corrections. To modify your spelling, you are required to obey the online steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Use your login credentials to continue.
  • Click on the “manage travel” option.
  • To find your trip, fill in the passenger's name and confirmation code and click on the search button. As you get your ticket, it is essential that you tap on the “name change” option.
  • Now, you can make modifications to your name and click on the save option.
  • Finally, you will receive a name change message on your registered email address. 

Make name modifications via the Allegiant mobile application: 

There are many ticket holders who use the mobile application of Allegiant Airlines to make reservations or to manage their booking. If you have installed the application of the airlines on your device and you want to make name changes, then you can go through the online steps given below and correct your name accordingly:

  • Open the Allegiant Airlines mobile application.
  • Go to your account and use your Allegiant ID and password to log in. 
  • Turn to the “manage booking” section.
  • Tap on your ticket and click on the edit button.
  • Make name corrections.
  • Review your filled details and save the changes.
  • Once your name changes are confirmed, you will be notified on your linked phone number or email address. 

Can I call Allegiant Air customer service for a name change?

Yes, customers can communicate with Allegiant Airlines customer services to make name changes. If you cannot process the online name change procedure, then you can utilize this medium to make changes according to your requirements. For this, you are required to dial the official Allegiant customer service phone number: 1 (702) 505-8888. Once you select your language and obey the instructions given by an automated voice, your call will be connected to an Allegiant live representative. You can ask them to make the desired name changes according to your preferences. 

What travel documents are required to make name changes on Allegiant Airlines? 

There are certain documents that must be presented to Allegiant Airlines by the customers who wish to make name changes. If you are looking for the document information, then you must be ready with the following travel essentials:

  • Copies of your flight ticket. 
  • Identification proofs to validate your name.
  • Your marriage or divorce papers.
  • Other relevant legal documents. 

Can you change the passenger's name once checked in?

There are many cases in which ticket holders of Allegiant Airlines are confused about whether they can make name corrections once they have checked in. If you are confused about the same, then you must note that no once you have checked in with Allegiant, you cannot make any modifications to your tickets. 

Conclusion: All the essential details to make name changes to your existing bookings have already been discussed in the above section. You can make name corrections in correspondence to the terms and conditions. Also, you must take note that the airline is liable to charge fees for your name changes. 

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