How do I select a seat on LATAM after booking a ticket?

In case a person who made their booking with Lufthansa Airline flights but hasn't chosen their seats on the ticket. So, in this situation, people can make a Latam Airline seat selection after they make their reservation online and offline via phone call and at the airport. In an online method, passengers can select their seats through the "manage trips" and "web check-in" page. People can follow the below steps to choose their seats via the "manage trips" page on the Latam Airline:

  • The initial step is to navigate to the official page of Latam Airline.
  • Then, you can go to the homepage of Latam and tap on the option of "Manage trips."
  • Now, you need to write your reservation details like ticket PNR number and surname given on your ticket.
  • After that, you will be redirected to another page on the screen wherein you can see your reservation details.
  • Now, you will see the option of "change your seat/select your seat," on which you need to tap it.
  • Then, you will get the seat map for seat assignments. 
  • Click on your preferred seat and tap the next button.
  • Now, you may be required to pay the fee for seat selection.
  • After paying the penalty fee, complete the procedure for selecting the seats on Latam Airline flights.
  • Then, click the continue button and get the confirmation from Latam Airline flight on your official email address.

Method to select a seat after booking at LATAM

Latam Airlines provides flexible guidelines and hassle-free procedures to the passengers through which they can easily select their seats after the flight booking. Travelers who have their flight soon can change or select their seats while managing their ticket online and web check-in. People can also choose their preferred seats at the airport. If you don't know how to reserve seats after flight booking via web check-in, then you can follow the below steps:

  • You can go to the official webpage of Latam Airline flights.
  • Then, you need to go to the "online flight check-in" page, where you must enter your booking details.
  • After that, enter your reservation details, like the booking code and surname on the ticket.
  • Now, you can tap on the "next" button.
  • Redirect to another page where you must recheck and verify your booking details.
  • Then, you can go to the section "Choose your seats," where you can select your preferred seats.
  • After that, make a choice for your seat from the seat map.
  • Then, you may ask to pay the seat selection fee on Latam Airline flights.
  • Now, click "confirm your check-in" and download your boarding pass.
  • Then, you can print your boarding pass in which all your booking details will be mentioned. 

What is LATAM Airlines' seat selection policy?

Passengers who are going to book or have already booked with a Latam Airline flight will need to follow some Latam Airline seat selection policy to choose their seats at the time of flight booking or after the booking. You can read the information below to learn the guidelines about selecting seats on Latam Airline flights:

  • As per the Latam Airline flights, passengers can select free seats during the check-in procedure.
  • According to the Latam Airline policy, the availability of desired seats might be limited depending on the scheduled flight's departure time.
  • Latam Airlines' flexible policy states that passengers can secure their seats by reserving them in advance.
  • According to the Latam Seat selection guidelines, Elite members of the Latam Pass frequent flyer program can enjoy more benefits, including complimentary seat selection in advance at the time of reservation.
  • Elite members of Latam Airline flights can check the status of their membership and then take advantage of it.
  • Passengers who choose preferred seats to get extra legroom or special features will be required to pay some additional fees.
  • With Latam Airline flights, passengers can select Standard seats for reasonable comfort, which is most suitable for passengers.
  • Extra legroom seats on Latam Airline are in some specific rows, subject to additional fee charges.
  • If a passenger does not choose their seats, then the Latam Airline will assign the seat to their passengers.
  • Passengers on Latam Airline flights can choose their seats 3 hours earlier than their scheduled departure time.
  • The seat selection fee depends on the fare type you have purchased on Latam Airline flights.

Does LATAM charge for seat selection? 

When a person has already made their reservation ticket with Latam Airline flights and wants to choose their seats online or offline, they may be curious about whether they have to pay for seats or not with Latam Airline flights. So, with Latam Airline bookings, passengers will not be charged any Latam Airline seat selection fee since the airline provides free seat selection while booking and after the booking. 

  • The penalty fee for choosing a seat with Latam Airline flights depends on the ticket passengers have purchased and their traveling route.
  • Passengers who change their seats after 24 hours of purchasing the flight must also pay the seat selection fee online and offline.
  • When a person wants to choose their seats in Premium business or premium economy class, they may need to pay the seat selection fee.

Does LATAM assign seats?

Yes, Latam Airline flights also assign seats to the passengers at the time of flight boarding at the airport when the passengers forget to choose their seats while booking a ticket with Latam Airline. People who want to travel in higher class seats will charge some fee, and Elite Member flyers can select their seat independently without paying any charge. When a passenger makes a flight check-in at the gate, and they don't have any seats, then the Latam Airline will assign the available seat on the flight at the gate.

How do I confirm my flight seat? 

People who have their scheduled tickets with Latam Airlines are choosing their seats with Latam flights, so sometimes passengers might get confused about how they will know whether their seats are confirmed or not on the flights. So, now passengers will get the answer to this query. You can read the information below to know more about the confirmation of seats:

  • Whenever a passenger changes or selects their seats from the seat map on the Latam Airline website and once the procedure of seat selection is complete, the passenger will receive the confirmation from the airline on the associated email address.
  • People who choose their seats at the airport or on the phone call will also receive seat confirmation from the Latam Airline agents on their registered phone number.
  • Passengers who want to check their confirmed seat details can also see their boarding pass or electronic flight ticket, which contains all the reservation details, including the booked seat information.

How does seat selection work?

Passengers who are curious to know about how Latam Airline Seat booking procedures work can read the below-provided guidelines for it. With Latam Airline flights, people can select their seats online at the time of flight booking, for which you can read the below steps:

  • Passengers can go to the official website of Latam Airline flights.
  • Then, you can visit their reservation page, on which you need to select your destination place and your airport location.
  • After that, you can select the departure date and arrival date, and then you will also get the option to choose the total number of passengers and select your preferred class type.
  • Now, you need to search for the flight option and then select your booking.
  • Then, you have to provide your personal details in it and then select the desired seats from the available seat options.
  • Now, once you reserve your seats, complete the reservation procedure on Latam Airline flights.
  • You will receive the flight confirmation from the Latam Airline flights for your new reservation.

Can I choose my seat in the economy?

Passengers can select their seats in the Economy class on Latam Airline flights by calling the Latam Airline customer service and online via the airline's official website. Passengers can call this phone number - 1 (866) 435-9526 to talk with the Latam Airline customer service agent. Then, once the passenger gets the airline agent on call, he needs to communicate about choosing a seat in the economy class. Now, the passenger needs to provide their booking details and then need to follow the on-call steps. Once the procedure of seat selection in Economy class is completed, travelers will receive the confirmation.

Steps to select seats in Latam Economy:

Passengers can follow the below steps to reserve their seats in economy class with Latam Airline flights:

  • When a person visits the "manage reservation" page or "web check-in" page, he will be required to enter their reservation details.
  • Now, they can go to the section "improve your trip," under which they need to go to the "select seats" option.
  • Now, you can choose your seats as per your choice and budget.
  • Then, you can also ask to pay the seat selection fee on Latam Airline flights.
  • Finish the seat selection procedure and get a confirmation from the airline.

Do you have to pay for seats on Latam?

Passengers will get the best comfort and best trip experience with the premium economy on the Latam Airline flights since they get more space and reclined seats on board. People can choose Latam plus seats at no extra cost by directly visiting the official portal of Latam Airline or by calling directly at the call center of Latam Airline on their official phone number. Generally, passengers will charge from $10 to $50 for choosing their seats on Latam Airline flights, but people with an Elite membership on Latam Airline can avoid this fee charge for seat selection. 

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