A Detailed Guide on How to Contact Avianca Customer Service?

Avianca provides direct and connecting flights to more than 130 global destinations. Select Avianca flights for your journey and enjoy their elite services at a very reasonable rate. Avianca Airlines focuses on providing a safe and comfortable journey to its passengers. If you are looking to make a booking with the airline and want to discuss the ongoing deals and offers for the passengers. The airline provides several channels to its passengers through which one can join their representative and inquire about the flight and other details related to the airline before and after the booking. This article contains information for contacting the airline. 

How do I Talk to Someone at Avianca?

Avianca is one of the budget airlines in Latin America and is the biggest in Colombia, providing extraordinary services to its customers. But, problems are inevitable during a flight journey. So you must know How do I talk to Someone at AviancaThey have a very well-organized Grievance Redressal Mechanism to address customer concerns in several ways, as brought up in the below points.

  • You can call their customer service number at (+001)800-284-2622 to communicate with an agent.
  • Another option is to send your query on their WhatsApp number +57 3114006797
  • The Contact Form is another possibility to reach Avianca Customer Service.
  • Email is another swift mode to get a reply within 24 hours for specific queries related to your Avianca flight.

Contacting Avianca Customer Support

Avianca Airlines provides several methods to contact the airline's representative, discuss the concern, and be sure before booking with the airline. The airline is famous among passengers for its customer-centric approach. Some of the methods to contact are mentioned here:

Phone support- Passengers can get support through the Avianca customer service phone numberand there is no match between the call and the trust that it builds among the passengers. The passengers get a real-time response from the agent on the call. Avianca supports its passengers in their local language to make the interaction easy and avoid miscommunication. One can select the number as per their live location and get directions from their representative in their mother tongue. You will get Avianca call center 24-hour service through the below-given process:

  • Dial (+001) 800-284-2622, USA +1-802-500-3535(Less Waiting), and Colombia: +57 (601) 580 0413 and connect the call to Avianca. 
  • The airline will play an automated-generated call menu.
  • Press the key to select your preferred language.
  • Now, from here, get the directions from the airline in your selected language and press the key after identifying your query from the IVR.
  • If you wish to talk to a real person on the call, just do not press any key, and the airline will automatically connect your call to one of their representatives.

Live Chat- The passengers who are unable to get any response from the representatives of Avianca on the call due to busy lines. They are advised by the airline to use their other channels of communication to interact with their representatives. Their chat executive is taking the doubts and helping the passengers 24/7. To get help via Avianca customer service chat, follow the steps below:

  • Initially, the passengers need to land on Avianca's official page. 
  • Now, scroll to the foot of the page and locate contact us.
  • Next, tap on the chat logo displayed on the right corner of the screen, and a message box will open containing several issues that a passenger may face with the airline while traveling with them.
  • Choose the issue that you had to suffer and get a bot for help. Answer the bot-generated questions to get an instant solution.
  • If you do not find the issue you are looking for listed in the box or are unhappy with the bot's assistance, ask for a real person to chat with to resolve your query.
  • The airline will provide you with a natural person to assist you. 

Email Support- The passengers who traveled with the airline are advised to write an email to Avianca. Avianca Airlines takes the complaints very seriously and is ready to make changes in its services and facilities to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. They can also ask for detailed information from the airline and will revert you with the necessary information through email only. The airline does take feedback and suggestions through email. You will have to follow the process below to email Avianca.

  • Go to the Official Page of Avianca Airlines.
  • Click on Contact Us and select the Email Us option.
  • You will get an email form. Select the reason to email and complete the form by name, email, phone number, and other details as asked in the form.
  • Describe the concern in the comment box and attach the documents if you have any related to your selected issue.
  • Submit the form, and the airline will contact you if required as soon as possible. 

Social Media- Avianca provides a number of contact options to divert the traffic so that passengers can get instant responses to their queries. Social media is one of those several options where a passenger can get the support of the airline's representative. If you want to chat over social media, get their WhatsApp agent by following the process below:

  • Head to the official page of Avianca Airlines.
  • Move to the end of the page and tap on Contact Us.
  • Now, scroll again, reach "Contact us via WhatsApp" and click.
  • Next, tap on click to chat.
  • Move to the next page and get an option either to download or use Web WhatsApp.
  • Click and on the next page, get a QR code to scan and directions on the left side of the QR to say Hi to the agent.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and get the agent to chat regarding your concern. 

Avianca Customer Support Services Phone Number

The passengers who have booked with the airline may face different issues and may need to contact the airline. Avianca provides different numbers to the passengers to get specialists in that field to support you. This section of the article contains different numbers to contact the airline for different purposes:

  1. For Reservations and General Queries- (+001) 800-284-2622
  2. For Lost, Delayed, and Damaged bags- 18774284478
  3. For the Deaf and Speech Impaired- 1 866 998 3357
  4. Consumer Protection Division- 202 366 2220 or 202 366 0511 

Note: The passengers are advised to check the Avianca customer service hours for these services as the operating hours may differ for different services.

Avianca's Special Assistance

Passengers who are suffering from a medical condition and want to get special assistance from the airline are suggested to inform the airline's representative in advance. Avianca will provide you with the necessary help during the trip. The protocols followed by the airline for disabled passengers are mentioned below:

  • Passengers who need a wheelchair for assistance at the airport can ask for it from the airline at least 48 hours before the travel. It gives them ample time to arrange the help for you.
  • The passengers are allowed to bring a dog for help, but they must be trained and vaccinated. They can also bring their own wheelchair on the flight that must fit the dimensions decided by the airline.
  • If you have a medical condition for which you seek any special help at the airport or on the flight by Avianca. You are required to reach the airport 3 hours earlier for a domestic flight and 4 hours before an international flight.
  • If you need a portable oxygen container on the flight, the airline allows you to get it on the airline.
  • The passengers may need to travel with a portable dialysis machine on the flight, but it must fit the dimensions decided by the airline. The device will be considered a checked bag, but the passengers are restricted from using it on the flight.

What services can I request from Avianca on the phone?

There are various services that are offered by Avianca Airline on the phone. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Reservation- The passengers looking to fly with Avianca and want to make a booking with the airline can contact the airline through call and join their ticket sales officer and book their ticket.
  • Inquire and Information- The passengers need to get a lot of information and make inquiries after or before the booking. The airline advises you to call their representative for all your doubts and information.
  • Cancellations- The passengers can even cancel their tickets on the phone. Make a call to the agent and request the cancellation. 

How do I Contact Avianca by phone?

Suppose you are an Avianca Airlines passenger looking for the answer to the query: How do I contact Avianca by phone? In that case, you can quickly call their customer service number at (+001) 800-284-2622 for general questions in the manner stated below.

  • First, dial the given number, and you will be asked to select your favored language for communication.
  • After selecting the language, you will listen to the automated voicemail instructions. You must follow them point by point to choose the command related to your issue by pressing the adequate key.
  • Once you have chosen the command, they will forward your call to a dedicated agent, and you can make the most of it by talking to them.

What is the WhatsApp number for Avianca?

Avianca Airlines also offers WhatsApp assistance to its passengers as it is a user-friendly mode to get the required information. You can save the Avianca WhatsApp number +57 3114006797 on your phone and drop them a message about your query or scan the Quick Response code on the Contact Us page of the Avianca Airlines website to be eligible to send them a message. An available representative will reply shortly to start the discussion and provide a guaranteed solution.

Can I email Avianca?

Yes, Email is another possibility to get a reply from Avianca Airlines, but for specific issues related to personal data, such as gaining access to personal data or rectifying inaccurate data. It can also be used multipurposely to raise a new concern and monitor an ongoing issue.

Email them at habeasdata@avianca.com, writing your query in detail with information like name, Email, phone, etc. They will reply to your Email within a day with a possible solution to your problem.

Can I call Avianca on WhatsApp?

Avianca Airlines provides separate phone numbers for various queries and countries/regions. You can pick the one related to your issue and ask for the required help. However, you have also got the option to call them through WhatsApp. It is so convenient that you can prefer it over Avianca phone numbers to reach them. You can call them on WhatsApp in the way brought up below.

  • Firstly, save the number +57 3114006797 on your device and look for the saved number on WhatsApp.
  • Tap the call icon on the top of the chat page and wait for the call to connect.
  • Once connected to a representative, you can ask for the required help. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I call Avianca from Canada?

Suppose the traveler wants to add an extra checked bag or Flight Wi-Fi services on Avianca Flights from Canada. But the customer is wondering about How do I call Avianca from Canada. There are numerous ways to approach the Customer support executive, like phone number, WhatsApp, and live chat. To get linked with the Avianca Help Desk Assistant from Canada, you should dial 1800-7228-222. Kindly follow the IVR instructions and press the relevant number key, which connects the call with the agent. It would help if you waited a few minutes to connect with them, as the process will take time due to heavy traffic on call.

How long does a refund from Avianca take?

Generally, Avianca takes 7-10 Business days to transfer the refund to the actual payment method. Sometimes, due to a delay in banking, the process will take 30 days to reflect the refund transaction in the account statement. Passengers can submit the refund request through Manage Booking on the Avianca website or call customer service directly.

How do I contact internationally on WhatsApp?

To contact the Avianca Airline customer service executive internationally on WhatsApp, you carry all the needed information, like the booking reference number, Personal details, and problem description. You should follow the given steps to talk to the Virtual Agent. Firstly, customers should head towards the Avianca official website. After that, scroll down the webpage and select the Contact Us icon. You will see two choices: WhatsApp support link and customer service phone number. Click on the available WhatsApp link and then select the tab to continue to chat. You are supposed to discuss the relevant problem and get a suitable solution on time so that you do not face trouble at the time of security screaming. Avianca Whatsapp Customer support will take maximum an hour to revert on the request and guide you towards the best possible solution.

Does Avianca have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Avianca offers a 24-hour cancellation policy under which passengers can cancel their scheduled flight tickets for free. Customers should read the essential details to learn more about the procedure before canceling the booked tickets. People who cancel the booked flight tickets on the same day of purchase and the departure date is seven days away are liable to get a complete refund. Passengers who cancel the ticket before 72 hours of departure within 24 hours of booking are eligible to get a full refund of the canceled ticket. Avianca's 24-hour cancellation policy is not applicable for the tickets booked through third parties and those booked before six days of scheduled departure. If the traveler cancels the booking after 24 hours of reservation, the customer must pay the ticket portion as a cancellation fee. The refund process will take a maximum 7-15 working days to credit the ticket value for the payments made via card or online.

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