How do I change the passenger name on an Iberia flight?

Traveling to your selected destination with Iberia Airlines is always beneficial as they will provide different top-rated services such as assistance for disabled passengers, allowance for extra baggage, etc. At the time of making the bookings you have to provide different information and complete name is one form them. While booking, if you mistakenly fill in any incorrect name or misspell your name, then you can correct it. To correct your name there are different online or offline modes available that you can use to change the name, but in case you need information about those online or offline modes, then you need to go through the information below.

Use the official website: You can use the official website of Iberia Airlines to change the name; you have to go to the section of manage bookings and then do the modification in your name as you want. After that, you will get the payment link, using which you have to pay the charges for the name change.

Go to the airport counter: If you do not want to follow any process online process or if you want to take the help of a representative to change the name, then you can also visit the airport counter or Iberia Airlines. You have to reach there and provide your complete information related to travel with your flight ticket. Then, you need to provide your official documents with the correct name, and the representative will provide you with the new flight ticket. 

Go to representative: You can also reach the customer service team of Iberia Airlines for name change and to connect with them; the fastest mode is call. To communicate on call for the name change, you have to follow the points which are mentioned below 

  • Make the call to this number 1 (800) 772-4642
  • Then opt for the comfortable connecting language 
  • After that, from the options of the IVR, select the selection of language in which you want to join the call 
  • Doing this, the representative related to the selected IVR will take the call. 

How do I correct a misspelled name on my Iberia ticket?

To make the changes to the name, there are different modes available, but the most convenient option is to use the official website. Using this online mode will help you as you will not need to visit any counter or contact any representatives. If you want to correct the misspelled name using the official website of Iberia Airlines, then you can use the points which are mentioned below.

  • Search for the official website of Iberia Airlines 
  • Now choose the manage bookings option and fill out the last name with the booking reference number 
  • Following this, you need to tap on the change name option and then mention the correct name 
  • Further, save the details, and if you see any charges, pay them 
  • Last, Iberia Airlines will provide you with the email of successfully changing the name. 

How do I change my information on Iberia?

When you make the bookings with Iberia Airlines, you have to provide your different information such as travel dates, complete name, contact information, etc, and the airlines will verify your details at the time of boarding. But in case you provide any incorrect information, then you can correct it, and if you are looking for a complete process, then follow the below points. 

  • Find out the official website of Iberia Airlines and tap to manage booking 
  • Now provide your surname and PNR number 
  • Following this, you need to select the change information and then modify your information at your convenience
  • Further, save the changes and pay the applicable charges. 

Can you change your name on an Iberia airline ticket?

Yes, you can change your name with Iberia Airlines, but only if you are following every terms & conditions and policies of the name. The name change request can only be accepted by the airlines if the time left in the departure is more than 24 hours. To make the Iberia Airlines Name Correctionyou have to pay the applicable charges, which will vary per the number of words you are changing. Still, Iberia Airlines clearly stated that while making the bookings, you have to mention only that name, which is written on your official documents. As there are any modifications are found by the airlines, then you have to go through the name change procedure. 

How Long Does It Take for Iberia to Update Your Name?

The time taken to update the name on the flight ticket of Iberia Airlines will vary as per the mode you select for the name change; if you request for the name change using the official website, then the airlines will immediately change your name on your travel ticket, but if you use alternative mode then it will take few minutes to update your name. 

Can I call Iberia customer service for a name change?

Yes, you can call Iberia Airlines customer service for a name change, and while connecting with the representative, you will also be able to know about the name change policies, charges, charges for the name change, etc. To communicate on call for the Iberia name changeyou need to make the call to this number 1 (800) 772-4642 and then choose the comfortable connecting language. After that, form the options of the IVR and make the selection of that which is relevant to your queries. After that, your call will directed to the representatives. 

Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy

Having the information about the name change policies of Iberia Airlines is always beneficial as it will help you to know whether you have to pay the name change fee or not. If you are unaware of the name change policies of Iberia Airlines, then you must go through the details below.

  • If you make the changes in your name within 24 hours of reservation, then you will not need to pay any modification charges, but after that free window, you will have to pay the charges, which will depend upon the number of words you are changing. 
  • You can only able to change three letters of your name, and if you want to change more letters, then you need to communicate with the customer service team of Iberia Airlines. 
  • To change the name, you have to provide all the official documents with the correct name at the time of check-in, and airlines will not allow you to change the name after you make the check-in and receive your boarding pass. 
  • According to the  Iberia name change policy international, if you are looking to travel with two different names and you have two different passports with those names, then you must purchase two tickets and make the booking on two different tickets.
  • If you are changing the name to one of the official languages, then airlines will not charge any amount. 
  • The ticket holders can change the order of their name or add another one, but the name and surname must remain the same. 
  • After buying the tickets, if you get married or divorced, then you have to provide the official documents, and you will able to change your name without paying charges. 
  • You can add or remove your first name, middle name, initials, etc, without paying any charges. 
  • You are only allowed to change the name for one time, and the traveler's title and space characters are included in it. 
  • Iberia Airlines will only allow travelers to correct their names or change them if they have partially used tickets or if their date of birth is different. 
  • If any traveler makes the bookings through any agency or the representatives of Iberia Airlines, then they have to communicate with them to change the name. 

What is the date change policy of Iberia Airlines?

There are several travelers whose plans are affected by reasons such as health issues, weather issues, and the purpose of the bookings get postponed due to which they want to reschedule their flight. Iberia Airlines gives those travelers the option for flight rescheduling, but only if they make the request before 24 hours of the departure and they are following every policy of the airline. If any traveler needs to be made aware of the information of the flight change policy, then they can go through the information below. 

  • Date change requests are non-chargeable if the traveler is doing that within 24 hours of the reservation; after surpassing the 24-hour free period, you need to pay the cost, which will vary as per the destination and time left in the departure.
  • You can only able to change the travel date if there are any seats are vacant, but if there are no seats vacant, then you will not able to change the flight. 
  • On the departure date, if the airlines delay the take-off due to reasons such as fewer staff, technical glitches, etc, then you will not need to pay the date change cost. But if the delay happens due to any natural issues, then you will need to pay the charges for the date change. 
  • If you have any medical issues due to which you are unable to travel, then you need to show the genuine documents, and airlines will not charge any amount. 
  • At the time of buying the flight ticket, if you apply for insurance for the tickets, then you will not need to pay the date change charges. 
  • You have to pay the fare difference if your previous flight charges a low fare and the new flight charges a high fare. 
  • The Iberia flight change fee will vary as per the route, destination, and time left in the departure of the flight, but still, if you want to change the international flight, then you need to pay the charges between 280 USD to 400 USD, and if you want to change any domestic flight then the charges are in between 180 USD to 300 USD. 

How do I change the flight ticket on Iberia Airlines? 

Iberia Airlines cares about their travelers, and they know that the plans can be changed even at the last moment, so they provide their travelers the option of rescheduling the flight. Using this facility, travelers can select the flight at their convenience, and for that, they have to make the flight change request through the official website. If you need details about the Iberia Airlines date change process, then you can go through below. 

  • Open the Iberia Airlines website and visit the manage booking section. 
  • Now, give the details about the last name and PNR number.
  • Following that, you need to open the change date section and select the new travel date. 
  • Next, you must select the flight at your convenience and then submit the details. 
  • Following this, you must pay the applicable charges using your card, and Iberia Airlines will provide you the email to change the travel date successfully. 

Can I change my date of birth for an Iberia flight?

Yes, you can change your DOB for an Iberia flight ticket, and for that, you can visit the airport counter of Iberia Airlines or use their official website. If you want to go with the online mode, then you should follow the below points.

  • Navigate the website of Iberia Airlines 
  • Mention the last name and PNR number in the managed booking 
  • The Choose personal information section and then tap on the change DOB 
  • Following this, provide your correct DOB and then save the details 
  • Now, if the airlines charge a fee for the name change, then pay them using your card 
  • Lastly, the airlines will provide you with an email to change the DOB on your bookings. 

How much does changing a passenger's name on an Iberia flight cost?

The charges that Iberia Airlines charges for the name change will depend upon the number of words and modification policies. Still, you have to pay the charges between 75 USD to 140 USD. But if you want to save the amount, then you can use the miles that you earn while traveling with Iberia or participating in their flyer programs. 

Can I change my flight ticket name to another person?

Airlines will not allow you to change the flight ticket to another person or transfer your flight ticket as the same person is allowed to travel on the same flight ticket. The airlines will allow you to make a few changes to your name, or you can not change the letters to more than 3, but still, if you want to change the ticket name with another person, then you can also reach Iberia customer service. If you are unable to travel on your booking, then it's better to cancel the flight and apply for a refund. The airlines will provide you with a refund of your flight ticket within 14 to 20 days from the application date. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Do Iberia allow name changes?

Yes, Iberia Airlines allows you to change a name. However, changing a name on an itinerary is subject to certain terms and conditions. Further, you can render those provisions by going through the bottom titles:- You can change one or more letters of the surname If you have to add or remove a middle name. When you have to make a name in your own language You can correct clerical mistakes. A booking that is made through a travel agent has to reach them for a change, not airlines.

How do I change my name on my Iberia account?

When you have identified a mistake in a name after purchasing a flight ticket from Iberia Airlines and are competent for a change, then you can implement those through the various modes. Thus, the information about those can be secured at the bottom points:

How do I contact Iberia Airlines from the US?

Iberia flights can be traced to multiple destinations, and the USA is one of them. Moreover, traveling from these routes could bring you a distinct service, and apt information in relation to this can be secured by speaking with the iberia customer service of this region. Furthermore, the adequate means of contact is a call, and the Iberia phone number US is (+1)800 772 4642.

Is Iberia cancellation policy 24 hours?

Yes, Iberia Airlines has 24 hours cancellation policy. Although there are two scenarios referring to this 24-hour policy and the information in relation, this has been raised at the bottom points:- When you have to cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours of reservation, and its departure date is far of seven days, then you can complete the process without any cost. If you have to cancel a flight within 24 hours of departure, then you could have to suffer a penalty.

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