KLM Pet Policy 

You must read the points below while KLM flying with pets for a smooth process.

  • Only cats and dogs are allowed to travel on the KLM flight.
  • Pets must be carried in a closed kennel or pet travel bag.
  • The pet carrier must be fitted inside the seat in front of you.
  • You can bring only one pet carrier, large enough that the pet can stand and turn inside it.
  • Service dogs are granted to travel in the cabin without the carrier.

Which Kind of Pets in the Hold?

According to KLM Airlines' pet policy, you can bring a maximum of 3 pets in the hold. Also, they can share the same Kennel if each one of them doesn't weigh more than 14 kg and they are

  • Two adult animals of comparable size or
  • Three animals of the same litter at most six months of age.

However, the weight of Kennel, along with your pet, should not weigh more than 75 kg, and the size should be less than 122x81x89 cm. 

Allowed Pets in KLM Flight Cabin

Passengers can bring one cat or dog in the cabin while traveling in the Economy or Business class within Europe. Your pet must be fitted in a kennel or a closed pet travel bag. The maximum size of the Kennel should not be more than 46x28x24 cm, and the pet's weight must not be more than 8 kg. 

KLM Snub-Nosed Animals policy

The Snub-nosed pets are not allowed on the KLM Flight as they might have trouble breathing at the higher altitude due to a massive change in temperature and air pressure.

KLM pet in cabin price

The exact price for a pet reservation depends on the travel route. However, you must pay between USD 75 to USD 400. You can check the exact amount while making the reservations.

What Types of Dogs Are Allowed in KLM Flight? 

According to the KLM Dog Policy, Trained Service Dogs are allowed on KLM Flights. If your dog is accompanying you to assist you with a disability, then the dog can travel free of charge. It is to be noted that you must have an Assistance Dog Identification card issued by Assistance Dogs International or International Guide Dog Federation. You must share the request 48 hours before the scheduled departure by emailing the application form to KLMCARES@klm.com.

How do I add a dog to my cabin on KLM?

To add a dog to your cabin, you must follow the basic set of steps described below.

  • Open the website www.klm.com
  • Click the My Trip option on the top.
  • Log in to your KLM account to search for your booking details.
  • Mark the flight where you want to add your dog and click the add services option.
  • Enter the details of your dog and proceed to the payments page.
  • Make the required payment, and the process is completed.  

How strict is KLM with pets?

KLM is very liberal with pets, which is reflected in its pet policy. They are concerned about the pets' safety, so they have set the norms accordingly. You can travel with your pet conveniently at KLM Airlines.

How do I fly internationally with my dog in the cabin?

If you are thinking, How do I fly internationally with my dog in the cabin? Then, yes, you can fly with your dog internationally with your in the cabin. Still, for that, you need to confirm that the airline allows the dog to travel in a cabin and there are some dog documents that are required, like an ISO microchip, recent rabies vaccinations, blood titer test, health certificates, and government expert paper or many more required documents related to your dog. You need to book the flight ticket for your dog separately to travel with them internationally with you. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fly a Dog Internationally?

The charges to fly a dog internationally all depend on the type, size, and destination of your flight ticket. There are many different charges that apply if you travel with the dog, but the minimum charges that apply are $800-$900, and the maximum cost to travel internationally is $7000. According to the KLM pet policy for international flights, you have to book the flight ticket in advance of at least 48 hours of travel or scheduled flight. Otherwise, the charges of your pet will increase, and you will need to pay all the charges that are applied and take your pet to fly internationally. 

Does KLM allow dogs on international flights?

If you need to know, Does KLM allow dogs on international flights? Then yes, you are allowed to take 1 cat or dog with you in the cabin for international travel and when traveling in economy class or when traveling in business class. But there are some policies that you need to know and have to follow like the pet should fit in a closed pet travel bag or kennel with a maximum size of 46x 28x 24 cm because they are required to travel underneath the seat in front of you. 

What is the weight limit for dogs in cabin KLM?

If you are taking your dogs in the cabin of KLM, then there are some limited weights and heights that you need to know, and according to that, take your pet with you. The total weight of the pet that includes the carried will not be above 13 lbs, like 6kg, and the carrier should be compressed to a height of 7.9 inches, like 20 cm. The dog's weight in the cabin should be not more than 8kg with their travel bag or kennel. There are many different things that you need to know and follow while traveling with your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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