Yes! Lufthansa Airlines does provide insurance from its partner AIG that you can take to protect your trip. The airline provides various insurance packages that include all the benefits related to COVID-19 and protect you. With the help of Lufthansa Airlines travel insurance AIG Europe S.A., the airline offers two individual insurance packages for protecting the journey. You can purchase these partly at the time of booking and partly later. The two types of Lufthansa insurance packages are as follows:

AIG Travel Care

This Travel care insurance package is valid with the flight booking. Besides, apart from travel cancelation and travel interruption, this travel insurance also includes additional COVID-19 benefits like compensation payment if you need to go into Quarantine due to COVID-19 infection at the destinations. Here are the various benefits you get when you add AIG Travel Care insurance. 

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Travel interruption insurance
  • Hotel accommodation refund and rebooking costs when quarantine
  • Pre-travel information and help in case of any entry problems associated with Covid-19
  • Costs based on travel dates

AIG Travel Care Plus
Along with travel care benefits, if you fall ill because of COVID-19, medical expenses are also covered in the AIG Travel Care Plus. Medical emergency return transport is also covered on this package. The other benefits include: 


  • Medical help and access to German and English-speaking doctors globally 
  • Medical expenses related to COVID-19 infections or treatment abroad, including return transport, are also covered. 
  • Costs based on travel dates

How does Lufthansa flight insurance work?

If you want Lufthansa flight insurance, you can purchase it at the time of booking or even after booking by visiting the manage booking section. Here are specific points you can consider to know about how Lufthansa flight insurance works. Besides, you can always speak to the Lufthansa customer service team if more details are needed. 

Important Points to Consider 

Lufthansa flight insurance, the cover of insurance, starts from the beginning of the journey. Besides, if the medical assistance is also covered, then it will start earliest 48 hours before the trip begins. 

The cover of Lufthansa insurance ends with the end of your journey up to 45 days after the journey begins, or if the ticket gets canceled. 

The Lufthansa travel insurance is valid across the world; however, you must be a resident of the European Economic Area. 

If the insurance incident happens, you should, if possible, avoid the damage or at least minimize and inform your insurer at the same time. You must obey the insurer's instructions and be required to submit the needed information for the coverage determination. If required, you might also need to release the doctors from medical confidentiality.

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