A complete guide to British Airways baggage policy is necessary to understand.

British Airways always turn your travel dreams into reality and provide top-notch services to passengers worldwide. They have fuel-efficient air carriers that offer low prices to travelers to get the journey. All the travel services are accessible online at their website to access the preferred facilities. When you plan your travel, it is essential to understand the appropriate size and restrictions to carry the bags on the journey with British Airways. 

In this article, you will be able to gain a deep understanding of the British Airways baggage policy and related terms. So, have a look at the suitable information and enhance your knowledge. 

Importance of knowing and understanding British Airways baggage policies

Most of the policies are remain the same and subject to the individual's needs and requirements. It is essential to know about the relevant rules and allowances that define the bags, size, weight, and number during the travel.

  • You can easily pack your bags at the appropriate weight and size to avoid extra fees. 
  • Once you understand the policy, you will get a smooth and hassle-free journey and board the flight in less possible time.
  • There are some Restrictions on the baggage as you cannot carry the items in checked luggage, which is allowed on the handbags only. Once you find this, you can easily avoid denied boarding. 
  • If you take the Disfigured or damaged bags, it will take excess time at check-in, and your flight may get missed. 
  • The more baggage weight will require more fuel on the aircraft. Due to this, airlines charge excess fees to cover fuel prices. 

British Airways Baggage Allowance Categories

The number of bags to carry will depend upon the type of booking, travel class, travel dates, and the season. All the flight tickets are allowed in the cabin, and the checked luggage is for a smooth flying experience. Here are the multiple types of bags that are allowed to board the plane.

British Airways Hand Baggage Regulations:

You can choose from the lineup of baggage options with the airlines, including the only hand baggage fares. Thus, you can find the British Airways baggage policy economy or other travel classes as follows.  

  • All travelers are allowed to take one handbag on the cabin that must fit properly under your front seat. 
  • The size or dimensions of the handbags can be a maximum of 40 x 30 x 15cm or 16 x 12 x 6in. 
  • The maximum weight of bags can be 23kg or 51 lbs. 
  • The handbag can be for the travel essentials such as electronic devices, mobile phones, medications, and passports, if any. 
  • Your hand luggage is the guaranteed part of the travel with British Airways, City Flyer, and Euro flyer baggage allowance.
  • You can also place the handbags in the overhead bins properly.
  • If your bags cross the general limits, they will be considered as checked baggage. 

British Airways Carry-on/cabin baggage requirements:

Apart from the basic economy travel, all the passengers are entitled to cabin bags. So, it is essential to check the British Airways carry-on size and weight to avoid excess fees. 

  • You can add one small suitcase on the trip that must fit in the overhead compartments of your seat with British Airways. 
  • Your cabin bag can weigh 23kg or 51 lbs., and you can easily lift them at the overhead lockers. 
  • The maximum dimensions of the suitcase can be 56 x 45 x 25cm or 22 x 18 x 10 inches which includes the handles and the wheels. 
  • If your bags are oversized or overweight, airlines may put them on hold or charge them as checked luggage. 
  • You can also take large bags in the cabin, subject to the availability and the space. 
  • You are advised to take the electronic items, spare batteries, lithium batteries, and power packs in the handbags. 
  • Duty-free items will count as hand luggage, so you must store them inside your handbags before departure. 

Sometimes, you want to take more bags on the cabin apart from the British Airways baggage policy carry-on for your destination. In this case, you need to purchase the same online or at the airport terminal. 

British Airways Checked Baggage Rules:

Basic economy tickets are not allowed to take checked baggage on the journey. Although, all the other fares need to take the bags as per the specific British Airways checked baggage rules as mentioned below. 

  • The economy class can carry one checked baggage for free within 23 kg of weight. 
  • Premium economy is eligible for the two checked bags of weight not exceeding 23 kg in total. '
  • Business class with British Airways are allowed to take two bags of 32 kg in weight. 
  • The first class can board the three bags for free of weight within 32 kg of each piece of bag. 
  • The maximum luggage of each checked bag in length, height, and weight can be 90 x 75 x 43cm or 35 x 30 x 17 inches which includes the handles and wheels. 

Special Items and Sports Equipment:

Sports equipment: 

There are no such restrictions to take your sports items on hold with British Airways. If there is space, you can take them as a cabin or checked baggage for free. If you use the free British Airways baggage policy for international checked baggage then the items will be put as extra in the hold. 

The sports items can be specialist equipment, bikes, diving equipment, golf clubs and umbrellas, Firearms and ammunition, ski and snowboarding equipment, surfboards and kayaks, tennis or squash rackets, collapsed fishing rods, or Billiard/Snooker/Pool Cues, Hockey Sticks or Traditional Skateboard Decks

Musical instruments:

British Airways understand how precious is our musical instrument for you. 

  • You need to pack the musical instruments in a rigid protective case, and soft cases are not allowed on the board. 
  • A smaller instrument of 80 cm is allowed in the cabin of your travel class. 
  • The maximum dimensions of small instruments such as viola, violin, and small wind instruments can be 80 x 45 x 25cm or 31 x 18 x 10 inches. 
  • The medium-sized instrument of 140 cm can be carried on travel.
  • The instruments, such as guitars, can be 140 x 50 x 40cm [55 x 20 x 16in].
  • The weight of the large items can be within 23 to 45 kg by paying the necessary fees, which will be considered as checked luggage. 

British Airways Excess Baggage Fees:

The extra baggage fees will depend upon the travel type, destinations, number of bags, and weight. You can pay the British Airways extra baggage fees according to the below information. 

  • The hand luggage excess will be taken as checked baggage. 
  • If Your Checked Bags Weigh more than the Allowance, then the Fees will be Charged between 65 GBP / 75 EUR / 100 USD / 100 CAD. 
  • The fees will be per overweight bag and one-way journey. 
  • The fees will be for the excess of 32 kg of the first checked baggage. 

How to avoid British Airways excess baggage fees:

  • You must use the duty-free bags as they don't count as extra carry-on bags. 
  • Wearing the heaviest clothes on the travel is one of the best tricks to avoid the fees. 
  • You can go for the wearable luggage, which has a multitude of pockets to adjust the small items. 
  • You must layer the things on the bags properly to free up extra space. 
  • Toiletries are heavy, so you are advised to buy them on arrival.
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