How to Redeem an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

You can redeem the American airline travel voucher either through the mail which you need to look for a tracking number and click a snap of the voucher to avoid losing the mail. You need to keep in mind that a voucher through mail takes around 1 to 3 days to get processed. Or you can visit the airport ticketing desk, where you can ask a live person to redeem the voucher if it is available. But you can only redeem your travel voucher if you book your ticket within 2 weeks. 

  • American Airlines traveled voucher when your flight gets canceled, or you have applied for a refund; then in that case, rather than giving you money back to your account, the authority provides airlines travel vouchers that can be used as an alternative to cash while purchasing the items.
  • The American Airlines travel vouchers are valid up to a year from the date of issue. One more advantage of having a travel voucher is that you can use this to book tickets for other people. 

Terms and conditions for redeeming an American airline voucher

  • You are able to redeem the e-voucher if you have booked your flight through the official site of or via phone call to the reservation office. Otherwise, it is not redeemable via other channels such as airport ticket counters or travel agencies.
  • Air vouchers are redeemable if flights are operated through American Eagle, one world partners, or towards other flights that are marketed by American Airlines. 
  • You can redeem up to 8 e-vouchers through a single purchase. 
  • You cannot add e-voucher value to the value of an existing ticket to purchase a new ticket. 
  • You cannot use your voucher to sell it for commercial or promotional purposes. 

How to use the American travel voucher in the Tickets?

You can use the American travel voucher in the reservation through online mode. The online method is easy and can be accessed from your preferred location. You can apply the below-mentioned method so that you will not make any mistakes while reserving your flight ticket through a travel voucher. 

  • You need to visit
  • Then after that go to the booking section and enter your details.
  • After entering the details, the page will show you the flights, and then select your suitable flight and click on continue.
  • Now the payment page will appear on the screen, then tap on the “other forms of payment” option.

Finally, enter your travel voucher number and PIN, then click on apply. You will see there will be a deduction in the price of the flight ticket, but in case the total cost of the flight ticket is more than the value of the voucher, then, in that case, you need to pay the balance amount through a credit card. 

  • At last, you will receive the confirmation code message on your registered email id. 

How do I use an American Airlines transportation voucher?

You can use an American Airlines transportation voucher same as the travel voucher while making any type of payment, or you can connect with customer service via a toll-free number to know more about your voucher. 

How long is the AA travel voucher valid?

  • If you have the e-voucher, then it is valid for 1 year from the date you issued it, and the airline authority will not reissue the voucher in case it expires.
  • According to the airline rules, the authority is not responsible for honoring invalid or expired e-vouchers.
  • The airline authority will not accept the e-voucher with an invalid code number as well as if the airline is not able to track your voucher validity within the American airline systems. 

What does a travel voucher cover?

If you have canceled a nonrefundable flight with any airline, they will provide you with a travel voucher. If you want to know what a travel voucher cover, then you can use it to book your next flight or get some additional benefits. However, many travel vouchers are provided by the airline, and to know more about them, you can read the terms and conditions of the voucher.

Does American Airlines give Vouchers If I Cancel My Flight?

When the passenger cancels a nonrefundable flight ticket with American Airlines, the airline gives them a travel voucher worth the same amount as the ticket, which can be used by the passenger to book a flight. However, if the passenger cancels a refundable flight ticket, they will get the amount through the same mode of payment.

Does American Airlines give out vouchers?

A voucher is a code with some benefits that you can apply while booking a flight ticket. If you have questions like Does American Airlines give out vouchers, the answer is yes; the airline provides a voucher every week or month, and you can use it from the official website. If you want to apply for a travel voucher, then follow the given instructions:

  • Open the official website of American Airlines or the mobile app.
  • Enter the destination and choose the necessary information.
  • Click on the “Apply vouchers” option in the payment section.
  • Read the terms and conditions and apply the voucher on your flight, and then you will be able to avail the benefits of the voucher.
  • Then download the flight ticket. 
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