How do I add TSA PreCheck to Avianca?

You can apply for the TSA Precheck online by filling out the form. It is going to help you in going through the security check quickly. That is undoubtedly going to be very helpful for you in saving time. On the government website, it is only going to cost you $78 for five years. 

How do I add my TSA number to Avianca?

To apply for the TSA, you must ensure that you have taken the steps below. This will ensure that you get the right help.

  • Open the website
  • Tap “Apply for TSA Pre-check" +1-802-500-3535. 
  • If you have already applied, you can choose the option of renewing. 
  • Now you only need to fill up the online form, and then you’ll be able to apply for the precheck. 
  • Once you have the traveler number, you can add it to your airline reservation, which will help you move faster through the security check. 

There are different benefits you’re going to get with the TSA precheck. You can read the benefits of that below ahead. 

Benefits of the TSA pre-check

  • If you have filled out the form for the TSA pre-check, you only need to enter the traveler number while making the reservation. Then you’ll be able to get through the check-in process very quickly. 
  • With the help of the TSA pre-check, you won’t need to remove the shoes, laptops, 3:1:1 liquids, belts, and light jackets. 
  • It is very inexpensive. That means you’ll be able to get this luxury service without paying much. 

How do I add my TSA PreCheck to my ticket after I check in?

You can easily add the TSA precheck number to your existing booking. You have to ensure that you have taken the steps below. 

  • Get on the website of Avianca Airlines. 
  • Now make the selection of “Manage your booking.” 
  • Enter the PNR number and the name of the passenger. 
  • Press the button search. 
  • You’ll come across your booking. Click the button “Edit traveler’s information.” 
  • Now you can add the traveler's number for the TSA Precheck. 
  • Save the changes. 

That is it. You have successfully added the TSA pre-check to your booking. Now you can go through the security check fast, without any delay. 

Connect with customer service.

Yes, you can undoubtedly connect with the TSA. Dial the Avianca Airlines phone number. Then you’ll be able to contact customer service without any delay. 

  • Phone up on the official TSA number. 
  • You’ll come across the automated voice menu. 
  • Choose the options from the menu that are relevant. 
  • Once you have selected the suitable options, your call will be passed to a human. 
  • The representative is going to provide a quick solution to you. 

Live chat with the expert. 

Yes, you can certainly live chat with the representative from the customer service team. For that, you can see the information ahead. 

  • Get Avianca’s website.
  • Tap the contact button. 
  • Select the chat icon on the new page. 
  • Now you can chat regarding your TSA query with the representative. 

Once you have completed the conversation, you can keep a record of that, and it will be cleared. Now you’re ready to take benefit of the TSA pre-check.

How can I add my known traveler number to an existing reservation with Avianca?

If you are traveling on Avianca Airlines and want to add your KTN to the existing booking or on the boarding pass, then you can do so by calling the call center. You can contact the airline customer service staff through a toll-free number available 24 hours from Monday to Sunday to take your call and resolve it with complete guidance. On the other hand, if you have made the reservation through an app, you can add an Avianca known traveler number by chatting with the assistant or making a call. Other than this, you can also visit the airport to start the benefits. 

How do I add a KTN to an already booked flight?

You can quickly add a KTN to an already booked flight by making a phone call to the customer service center. After dialing the number, you will redirect to the IVR, where you need to follow the instruction to complete the process. At last, you will get a notification with your details regarding the addition of KTN to your booked reservation

Can you add TSA PreCheck to an already booked ticket?

Yes, you can add a TSA precheck to an already booked ticket with the help of the TSA precheck Avianca number. After getting the TSA precheck number, you can go through the below-discussed process written in bullet points for better understanding, and you can apply it without any expert guidance. 

  • Open the official page of Avianca Airlines.
  • After that, log in through your account.
  • Now move to the manage reservation option and enter your details (booking reference number and last name ) 
  • Your booked flight details will be shown under that click on “edit traveler information.” 
  • Now you can add the TSA precheck to your booking and then follow the instructions to complete the process.  

Can I use someone else's known traveler number? 

No, you cannot use someone else’s known traveler number because the system verifies each KTN that is associated with the specific name, gender, and birthdate on the reservation. The system may allow you to add any number you wish, but in the case of a boarding pass, it will not show the approval if the number does not match the ticket holder. 

Can someone else use my TSA PreCheck?

No, someone else cannot use your TSA precheck because it is not technically possible. Anyone else can only use your Tsa precheck while going through the lane if it is associated with your account. If someone else wants to go through the TSA Avianca pre-check-in lane, then the particular person should have their own account along with the TSA precheck. 

How do I get Precheck for international flights?

You can get a precheck for international flights by submitting an online application within a few minutes and scheduling appointments. After that, you can enroll with a fingerprint for a background check. At last, add your KTN to your airline booking to experience faster, more seamless screening. 

If you still need clarification regarding How to add TSA precheck to Avianca? Then you can connect with the customer service executive at toll-free number 442089767846. That is available 24 hours and seven

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