How do I add my TSA PreCheck to American Airlines? 

 The traveler who wants to book for the next new trip uses TSA precheck to American Airlines' advantage. You have to register with the CBP Program and receive the nine digits Pass Code, which is the same for all CBP programs. If you have applied directly from TSA Precheck American Airlines, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). It would help if you ensured Pass Code or KTN was updated in your account or on your reservation. Few steps to follow, which are mentioned below, to add TSA PreCheck for new bookings:

  • You need First to Log In.
  • From 'Your account' and choose 'Information and password.'
  • Go to the 'Secure Traveler section' and add your Passcode or KTN (Known Traveler Number) in the field.
  • If you are not an American Airlines Advantage member, you need to provide your passcode or KTN within each reservation when you book to have your Information saved for the trip.
  • If you are new to the CBP program and have a membership card, you can find your Pass Id on the back of the membership card.
  • If you do not have a membership card, you can obtain your membership number by login into your TTP (Trusted Travelers Program) account.

 Why is my TSA PreCheck not showing on my boarding pass, American Airlines?

First, check your membership has yet to expire. It happened that your Information on the boarding pass doesn't match your TSA Pre-check Information. You can miss out on TSA Pre-check if there is a slight discrepancy. If it still is not showing on your Boarding pass, confirm with American Airlines Customer Service that your name and date of Birth are accurate and your airline participates in TSA Precheck. You can also contact the TSA contact center for the same issue at 866-289-9673, submit an online form or contact the TSA center via their official email.

How do I add TSA PreCheck to the existing boarding pass?

Passengers can add TSA PreCheck after boarding, visit the airline Check-In counter, and ask to add their Pass Id and KTN number to their itinerary. You can also add online for existing reservations.

  • You should visit American Airlines' official website.
  • Click on Profile and Preferences.
  • Find the Saved Travel Documents and Number Section.
  • Fill in the complete Information, enter the full name, date of Birth, and KTN.
  • You will receive the indicator on your boarding pass.
  • Travelers will be able to update your profile with your precheck number.

How to add the TSA PreCheck number to American Airlines after checking in? 

Passengers can add TSA PreCheck numbers to American Airlines after check-In offline or online at +1-802-500-3535. You can visit the Airport check-in counter and ask them to add a TSA Precheck number to your itinerary. Travelers can also add TSA online by visiting the airline's official website.

  • Select Check-In and find the 'edit customer information' in 'Passenger Summary.'
  • Complete the required Information such as full name, KTN, or Pass ID.
  • You will see the TSA indicator on your boarding pass.

How long does TSA PreCheck know the traveler number last?

TSA PreCheck or KTN (Known Traveler Number) membership lasts five years. The passenger needs to renew the membership after Five years, and you can restore it online.

  • Visit the TSA PreCheck website.
  • Select the Tab 'Renewal' to begin the process.
  • Fill in the required information and continue.
  • Confirm your address, passport information, and security question.
  • Complete the process for renewal.

Can you add TSA PreCheck after checking in?

Yes, passengers can add TSA PreCheck after check-in online and choose accordingly. If you check in an hour before the scheduled flight, TSA PreCheck is not on the boarding pass from American Airlines. You can visit the airport check-in counter to add a TSA number or visit the airline website for online add TSA PreCheck.

How do I update my American Airlines TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck, a membership-based service, allows travelers to benefit from expedited screening at airport security. You can bring your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids with you through screening at some airports in addition to wearing your shoes, belt, and light jacket. In addition, you also have the membership, and now you want to update it but you don’t know How do I update my TSA PreCheck? So, there are some ways which help you in updating it. 

Thus, if you seek to update the American Airlines TSA Precheck, you must update it by your account. For that, you must get through the underneath stated steps that are:

  1. Open the American Airlines site.
  2. Go to the manage booking section, and enter the reservation number and last name.
  3. Tap on the retrieve booking, 
  4. On the next page, look for the “TSA PreCheck” column and click on it.
  5. Tap on the update section, and update it by PreCheck number.

Also, you can update your AA TSA Precheck by calling the customer service person. 

How often do you update TSA PreCheck?

Moreover, you are searching for How often do you update TSA PreCheck? So, you can update TSA Precheck for five years. 

How do I know if my TSA PreCheck is expired?

If you are looking for a way to inform you about whether the TSA precheck expires, pursue the below points: 

  • Whenever it’s going to be expired, the airline will send a notification 1 to 3 weeks ago or 3 to 6 months ago. 
  • Also, you will know about the TSA PreCheck expiration by calling the customer service person.

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